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Your Emotions are a Strength, Not a Weakness: A Conversation with Marisa Imon

Your Emotions are a Strength, Not a Weakness: A Conversation with Marisa Imon

March 31, 2020
Join me in a real and authentic conversation with Marisa Imôn as we hear her beautiful story of embracing her super intense emotions and taking them from being the villain in her life to her inner Superpower. Visit her website HERE
Marisa has created hours of free content to help you get through social distancing and come out more calm and confident on the other side! With over 200 free meditations, music on Pandora, chapters of her bestselling book on services like Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and a free course on feeling confident about your creativity, there's something in there for everyone. In addition, she is now opening a new VIP community for free for your first month of membership. You'll get 8 hours of sleep meditations with positive affirmations and weekly customized meditations made specifically to address the issues the private online community is facing.
Marisa Imôn is a bestselling author, musician, voice actor for children’s audiobooks and podcasts, and motivational speaker with training in positive youth development. As the owner of Marisa Imon, LLC an audio production and meditation company, she has created hundreds of meditations and meditative musical compositions for businesses and apps around the world, in addition to those on her own podcast, “Incandescent: An Unconventional Meditation Podcast.” In 2019 she wrote and published her international bestselling book “Super Intense” about her journey using mindfulness to live well with multiple mental illness diagnoses including bipolar type 1 and ADD. With over ten years of experience in education and youth work, she now shares her story and presents mindfulness skills both to youth groups and adults to give them the tools to live well with their emotions. Her work has been featured by various podcasts, blogs, and events including the Healthy Families Project, UpJouney, and Clarity Connects.
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Seeing Silver Linings

Seeing Silver Linings

March 25, 2020

Join me in interviewing Erin Neuhardt of E Studio Events. That's right, I said "events"... which if you haven't already noticed have gone a bit sideways and upside down. Listen to the story of the Silver Lining Summit and how Erin takes a situation of having unexpected time at home and seeing event cancellations pour into her inbox and turns it into an opportunity to share world-class speakers with YOU. And you don't even need to leave your home. Click HERE to sign up and get a FREE limited-time access to each presentation!

Supporting Yourself and Others During Uncertain Times

Supporting Yourself and Others During Uncertain Times

March 17, 2020

It’s pretty likely that most of us will be impacted by COVID-19 and the state of our country as it is right now. Maybe you have been encouraged to start working from home, conduct your meetings virtually, not network as much, or at all. Maybe your children are staying home from school for the foreseeable future. So, what can we do when it feels like everything is being forced to pause? Here are my thoughts on what we can do as business owners and professionals during this time to support ourselves and one another, as well as ways to stay connected and get involved in the coming weeks.  


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Living a Level 10 Life: A Conversation with Katie Maggio

Living a Level 10 Life: A Conversation with Katie Maggio

March 11, 2020

Join me in an inspiring and fun conversation with Katie Maggio, a life, business and confidence coach, as well as host of the Level 10 Podcast. 


In this episode, we talk about how men and women can live their best life and how so much of this comes down to choosing our thoughts and shifting our perspective. We dive deeper into: 

- How to get clearer on the right direction for YOU

- How to find joy in a job you don't love

- Katie's worst job ever and how it changed her perspective 

- What happens when things do not go as planned 


Find Katie at her website:

Or connect with her on Facebook and Instagram to learn more!

Prepare to Pivot: A Conversation with Emily Clement

Prepare to Pivot: A Conversation with Emily Clement

March 4, 2020

Join me in a conversation with Emily Clement, Life Coach and Speaker, who puts into practice what she preaches. Emily and I talk about the moments of major life shifts and changes that get us living more joyful, abundant lives where we are in the driver's seat. 

In this episode, we dive into: 

- How she got started as an entrepreneur and transitioned from being an employee

- A rock bottom moment in Emily's life that ended up lifting her up to higher ground

- How the work we do on the path to growth is not always what it seems 

- And more! 


Find Emily on her website:

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To learn more about Emily's Midlife Redefine, (enrollment open March 19- April 2) click HERE


So, You Want to be an Author? A Conversation with Writing Coach, Robin Colucci

So, You Want to be an Author? A Conversation with Writing Coach, Robin Colucci

February 26, 2020

If you feel you have a book inside you and have considered writing it, make sure you listen to this podcast first!

We get into: 

- How a book can be used as a powerful tool for our business

- What are some of the common distractions and roadblocks Robin sees that prevents people from becoming published authors

- What are the steps to take once you decide to write a book

- And Robin's single most valuable piece of advice for aspiring writers

Robin Colucci helps world-class experts write world-changing books. Her clients have been published by “Big 5” publishing houses and others have self-published. Many have won awards, received outstanding book reviews, and/or appeared on Amazon, USA Today, and The New York Times’ bestsellers lists. Whether top professionals or CEOs, astronauts or Nobel laureates, each of her clients comes to her for help to write a substantive book that, first and foremost, improves the lives of others as it supports the author’s aims. 

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Try This, Not That: Four Swaps to Try for a Healthier Business and Life

Try This, Not That: Four Swaps to Try for a Healthier Business and Life

February 19, 2020

Ever heard of the book Eat This, Not That? It's the inspiration for today's episode where I share four little life swaps I am working on to be a healthier and better person in business and in life! 

Books and Persons Referenced: 

Brene Brown's book Dare to Lead 

Karen Kenney's podcast The Karen Kenney Show


A Tale of Four F-Words: Flying, Falling, Fears, and Failures

A Tale of Four F-Words: Flying, Falling, Fears, and Failures

February 12, 2020

This episode does not contain explicit content. Tune in for my first solo podcast episode and join me as I stretch my sea legs in getting used to my new recording equipment. I share updates, some recent life lessons, and of course, a couple of fun stories sprinkled in for your entertainment! 

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Correction Note: In the show, I share that Crystal's radio station is WSMN 1690 AM radio, but it is actually WSMN 1590 AM radio.  

Brave. Strong. Loved: A Conversation with Erica Austin of StrongHer

Brave. Strong. Loved: A Conversation with Erica Austin of StrongHer

January 29, 2020

Tune in as I chat with Erica Austin, founder of StrongHer. StrongHer is a trauma-informed functional fitness program for survivors of domestic violence. She has advocated for the safety of women and children for ten years and has testified in front of the Child and Family Law Committee as well as participated in testimony in front of the Senate that made changes to NH RSA 461:A. The law provides better protection for children and protective parents during cases of suspected abuse. In 2019, Erica was interviewed by the Associated Press regarding the success of specific NH programs that benefit domestic violence survivors. Erica saw a need to offer a safe environment for survivors of trauma and abuse to physically process the traumatic events that they experienced as a way to heal. Erica is a fitness coach specializing in women, trauma and pregnancy and postpartum. She holds a Bachelors Degree from Rivier University and has participated in 30 hours of Crisis Intervention Training through Bridges Domestic and Sexual Violence Support. She is a Level One CrossFit Trainer and a certified BirthFit Coach as well as a personal trainer.

Listen to all of the amazing things she is doing to help support women and be a beacon on their healing journey in our podcast episode! 
“Don’t Let These High Heels Fool You”: A Conversation with Cathy Droz

“Don’t Let These High Heels Fool You”: A Conversation with Cathy Droz

January 22, 2020

Join us in a conversation with Cathy Droz, Founder and CEO of Her Certified as she shares how she is changing the world one car buying experience at a time. Cathy works with dealers as well as consumers to educate them on the car shopping experience and make it enjoyable and respectful. She helps women buy with more confidence and get the best deal possible and gain skills they can use and apply to any negotiation process. Cathy has test-driven more than 500 vehicles, giving her insight and knowledge on virtually every make and model on the market to effectively educate the car buying consumer and make the search for the perfect automobile a pleasant and rewarding experience.