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Your Emotions are a Strength, Not a Weakness: A Conversation with Marisa Imon

March 31, 2020
Join me in a real and authentic conversation with Marisa Imôn as we hear her beautiful story of embracing her super intense emotions and taking them from being the villain in her life to her inner Superpower. Visit her website HERE
Marisa has created hours of free content to help you get through social distancing and come out more calm and confident on the other side! With over 200 free meditations, music on Pandora, chapters of her bestselling book on services like Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and a free course on feeling confident about your creativity, there's something in there for everyone. In addition, she is now opening a new VIP community for free for your first month of membership. You'll get 8 hours of sleep meditations with positive affirmations and weekly customized meditations made specifically to address the issues the private online community is facing.
Marisa Imôn is a bestselling author, musician, voice actor for children’s audiobooks and podcasts, and motivational speaker with training in positive youth development. As the owner of Marisa Imon, LLC an audio production and meditation company, she has created hundreds of meditations and meditative musical compositions for businesses and apps around the world, in addition to those on her own podcast, “Incandescent: An Unconventional Meditation Podcast.” In 2019 she wrote and published her international bestselling book “Super Intense” about her journey using mindfulness to live well with multiple mental illness diagnoses including bipolar type 1 and ADD. With over ten years of experience in education and youth work, she now shares her story and presents mindfulness skills both to youth groups and adults to give them the tools to live well with their emotions. Her work has been featured by various podcasts, blogs, and events including the Healthy Families Project, UpJouney, and Clarity Connects.
Link: (A compilation of all things for social distancing)

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