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Living with Less

April 1, 2020

Join me, Emily Aborn, as I chat with Kathy Vines of Clever Girl Organizing. 

Kathy shares her tips and tricks for increasing the productivity in your home through organizing, some of the most common issues and ways to fix them, that she sees in her profession, as well as how she has turned an in-person service virtual for the situation at hand. She also helps me get rid of a huge bin of stuff I have been hanging onto for years. Well, I started at least ;) 

Kathy Vines is a Certified Professional Organizer®, Productivity Specialist, certified coach (CTACC) and the owner of Clever Girl Organizing®, based in Melrose, MA. Kathy launched Clever Girl in early 2013 after a 20-year career in Human Resources. She works with residential and small business clients to help untangle their relationship to stuff and create the systems they need to conquer the chaos around them. She is the author of “Clever Girls’ Guide to Living with Less: Break Free from Your Stuff, Even When Your Head and Heart Get in the Way”. Kathy has been featured in the Boston Globe, Better Homes and Gardens “Secrets of Getting Organized” magazine, Real Simple’s “Organize Your Home” magazine, and appeared on “Inside Edition”.

Check out her Instagram for her #niceolation tips 

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