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Intuition and Life’s Keystones: A Conversation with Tammy Jordan

May 13, 2020

So often in our lives, we are forced to take stock and perhaps put the magnifying glass on things that have been pillars of our existence... yet might not actually be serving us in the best way possible. This year, I am working on breaking down some of those beliefs for myself and removing that which does not actually help me or others, but instead is just a dusty old belief or outdated assumption about how life should be. 

Those keystones, along with being intuitive in all aspects of life --including your business, is what Tammy Jordan and I talk about in this week's podcast. 

You are going to love being a fly on the wall in this real, authentic, and thought-provoking conversation with me and Tammy. I have had several beautiful conversations with her and I am a HUGE fan! I think you will be too. 

Tammy is an author, speaker, coach, and consultant in many things HR, Organization Development and personal development. As the founder and CEO of Leader Consulting Group, she works with business owners and executives in defining their unique culture, hiring and promoting the best talent, developing and training agile and authentic leaders and teams, and managing growth and change. Since 2011, lcg has been a unique consulting firm believing in hearts and minds working together and that connection and empowerment are paramount to business results and success.

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