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From E-Bay to Entrepreneurship: A Conversation with Julie Trieb

April 22, 2020

A little goody for you this week! Join me in my conversation with Julie Trieb as we talk about her number ONE piece of advice for female entrepreneurs and women. We talk about how she successfully started her online e-commerce business, "Designs by JuJu" sixteen years ago and scaled it to a multi-million dollar family business. And of course, her answer to the question, "What's next after THAT kind of success?!" 

Designs by JuJu is a leading provider of adorable digital machine embroidery designs in the industry for the home embroiderer. Her passion for creating, marketing, maintaining authenticity, and nurturing her connection with her ideal customers has been responsible for steady growth since 2003. Owner and Founder, Julie Trieb believes being true to yourself and what you love is key to maintaining joy in your business and attracting your ideal customers. She has most recently learned how showing up real, vulnerable and even sometimes messy as your beautiful authentic self will spark joy again and restore burnout that so many entrepreneurs face. Listening to your intuition, discovering your "why", the importance of self-care and daily spiritual business rituals, authenticity, how customers crave real and resonate with imperfection are all topics that Julie is super passionate about.

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