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Edited: A Conversation with Jodie Gallant of JMG Business Strategy

June 24, 2020

Join me for a chat with Jodie Gallant, Business Strategist and Coach for JMG Business Strategy. We talk about all things entrepreneurship, transitioning from corporate to running not just one, but two businesses, and about the ever-elusive work/life balance. We dive into how to focus on what is right for YOU in your business and not compare yourself to others and how to truly love what you do! 


Jodie uses her experience in marketing and planning, paired with owning five NH local businesses while raising a vibrant family, to inspire, lead, and support entrepreneurs to achieve the life they desire through the design of their business. Having left a secure 15-year corporate career in 2012 to build two family businesses alongside her husband and three small children, Jodie quickly realized the hustle and grind was not going to work. Today she guides her clients to achieve their goals with the support of the strategies and tools she lives by.


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