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Decluttering Made Easy! A Conversation with Professional Organizer, JoAnn Krall

November 24, 2021

I absolutely love being a podcast host and hearing all the fascinating stories about how and why my guests started their businesses. Sometimes a personal event made them do it, some have always known they wanted to have their own business, and the stories are just awesome and so unique! 

This month, as we've been focused on productivity, tools, organization, and patterns around that… it’s also so fun to see the differences in ourselves as we achieve what we need / want to. 

That's exactly what today's guest, JoAnn Krall is going to share with us! Not just how it's OK to be different when it comes to organization, but how to declutter digitally and physically in a way that harnesses the method to your very own madness. 

In our conversation, we discuss: 

  • JoAnn's story about how she got started and the path she took to becoming a Professional Organizer
  • How exactly virtual organizing works and what it is
  • How disorganization can cost us time and money 
  • How more isn't always more. 
  • A step-by-step breakdown of her CHANGES method for digital and physical decluttering 
  • Three top tools to make sure you have in place to run your business more efficiently (hint: there's something for everyone here!) 
  • JoAnn's recommendation for the BEST project management software (there's something for everyone here too ;))
  • The number one thing JoAnn wishes people could understand when it comes to being both peaceful and productive

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Podcast Review of the Week! 

"Actionable info and the stories I need to keep going...

The advice and info are awesome but there’s something more here. I love listening to Emily draw out the stories of my fellow women entrepreneurs.

When I feel isolated in my work (I work in relationships and it still happens!), it’s these stories that remind me we are creating something in community too."

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