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Building Dreams Long Distance: A Conversation with Dave Swillum

May 27, 2020

Join me in my conversation with Dave Swillum as he tells us the story of he and his wife Meagan and how they are working together to create a life in which they are both living their dreams. After getting burned out and not living his passion full-time and a tough conversation in which he learned his wife, Meagan, wasn’t pursuing her dreams yet either... the two decided to blow their lives apart in order to achieve their dreams of living full time doing what they both love. Today, Dave freelances audio out of a mentor's studio while he works to build his own space and maintain his now long-distance relationship with his wife Meagan who is pursuing her vet degree in TN. 

Dave Swillum is the audio engineer behind NH based audio production business Crawlspace Audio, podcast host of The Waking Up From Work Podcast, and local indie artist. With an MBA in music business from the SNHU Berklee partner program and a background working live sound for national artists, interning at a record label and recording studios in New England, and touring with his personal bands around the country Dave has a formed a unique passion for both business and music supporting artists. 

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