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Being Seen in Your Business

April 8, 2020

We talk a lot about putting the right things out on social media, connecting with your clients before trying to sell to them, and focus a lot on our brand's colors, website, etc. etc. 

But how much of an emphasis do you place on the image you are actually portraying to your clients? How do they feel when they see your headshot? Does it attract the kind of client you want to work with. 

Lisa Arnold and I, of Lisa Arnold Photography talk all about this; but we get into much more as right now... photographers are temporarily taking some time (along with the rest of us) to be home. Lisa shares openly about how her business is being affected right now and how she continues to show up with a mindset of service and helping others. This is a truly beautiful podcast episode! 

Lisa's Bio: A self-taught photographer, Lisa started her career shooting weddings. While she loved working with brides at their weddings, she fell out of love the sameness of each event and fell in love with the personal connection of portraits.  After about 15 years of weddings, she transitioned, nearly entirely to portraits. Lisa has shaped her business with the question, "How do you want to be seen?" and has a podcast by the same name. Click HERE to find more about Lisa and hear her podcast. 

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